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Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's A Man's World

This weekend was the World's Largest Garage Sale in my hometown. The boys came along on Friday and sat in the car with my youngest brother while I scoped things out. Found some great deals on little boys clothing, picture frames, and vintage Little Golden Books.

Went back on Saturday with my sister, Anna. We found a pile of red bricks for my walkway redo project for $4! I also found a Thomas the Train pop up tent which Jackson LOVES. I'm sure he will be asking to sleep in it before too much longer.

On the way home from my parents' house after our post garage sale brunch, my legs started itching. It reminded me of when I had PUPPS immediately following the birth of both boys. Woke up this morning and both legs from top of the foot to the tops of my thighs were covered in raised white welts and the skin itself was a flaming red rash. Turns out I have had an allergic reaction to something and my body is breaking out in hives. It's spreading pretty quickly, but I now have a cortisone pack to try to stop it and I'm on 100 mg of benadryl every four hours. Hoping this passes quickly.

So, why it's a man's world? Because women must keep on going about their daily lives regardless of what is ailing them, lol. That's WHY.

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  1. I hope you get to feeling better quickly.

    Last night when I was thinking about what to fix for supper, I thought about all the years I've had this job. Man's world indeed.