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Monday, July 30, 2012


Jack woke up around 5:30am, screaming and holding the back of his neck. We gave him some ibuprofen, changed him into looser PJs, and tucked him up in bed with Momma. As long as I had my arm around him where some heat was applied to the spot that was hurting, he was able to doze off and rest for a bit. But, the slightest change in position would wake him up screaming.

Needless to say, we called our Dr / Grandpa this morning and Daddy took him in about 30 min ago to see what is going on. I am patiently waiting for a phone call. I hate it when my babies don't feel well.

UPDATE: Looks like an ear infection, swollen lymph nodes, and a crick in his neck. Poor baby. He is trying so hard to be cheerful, but it takes almost nothing to cause the tear gates to open. He just went down for a nap. Hopefully, the antibiotics will kick in and he can get some rest.