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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Everyone Has That One Friend...

The one who goes the extra mile and organizes lunch plans when everyone else in the group drones on and on about how nice it would be for everyone to get together but never bothers to invite anyone.

The one who remembers to take pictures of your children for you when you forget to bring your camera to the important life graduation, for example.

The one who actually remembers your birthday and patiently listens to you while you complain about all the other people who forgot your birthday even though she remembered AND bought you a gift!

The one who doesn't take it personally when you forget to say thank you, cancel plans at the last possible minute because something more fun came along, and forget to remember her birthday in return.

The one who patiently endures your false accusations, your backstabbing, your lies, and your manipulation because she knows that at one point, you were a good friend and she is desparately hoping that you can find your way back to that place again.

The one who works behind the scenes planning a fun filled, 15 year high school reunion complete with kid friendly options, easy on the budget, and appealing to a wide range of people only to be told that committing to group rate tickets (that sell out quickly) is just too long term in the planning department right now and you haven't even seriously discussed it with your spouse as something you might want to do.

The one who never takes her sick children to ANYTHING because she doesn't want to expose anyone else's children while you insist on dragging your coughing, sneezing, fever running, vomiting children to everything.

The one who never talks about your parenting choices even if she thinks you are borderlining on crazy with all the conspiracy theories about how Merck admitted to putting cancer in vaccinations, how there is rat poison in your children's toothpaste, and how making your children get flu shots actually makes them get the flu while you take every opportunity possible to suggest changes she could make in her parenting techniques because they don't line up with yours.

The one who calls to check up on you when you have been MIA for a couple of days or a week because she wants you to stay encouraged and plugged in even though you have never bothered to check up on her.

Sometimes, it's exhausting being the one.

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