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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hand Over Mouth

It is always interesting to me how something can be said in a "generally speaking" way as not to point any individual out or point fingers in any direction and still manages to hurt someone's feelings.

It's even more interesting to me how someone with hurt feelings tries very hard to make it something that YOU shouldn't have done instead of addressing why it caused a reaction for THEM.

And, it's most interesting to me how someone can assert that it would be better to not say something "generally speaking" but to keep the topic between the parties concerned.

If you are not addressing a specific party, but you're generally speaking, how does one accomplish that exactly? Sometimes an individual does something that leads to a much needed "generally speaking" moment. It benefits the greater good to address it openly. And, as long as you are tactful and don't use names or specifics that could lead to such individual being identified, how rational/reasonable is it for anyone to be offended that it's been brought up for public consumption?

Oh, but offense isn't a reasonable/rational creature, is it?



  1. Sometimes people just want to be offended - like an excuse to be mad or a reason to be dramatic. I've offended a few folk in my time. I'm always amazed when it happens - that someone could know me well, and still take me seriously. Smoothing someone's ruffled feathers is not fun, but often necessary. Maybe that is why they get offended - they are looking to be petted :)

  2. That is a nice way to look at it, BB. Maybe I need to spend some time doing some petting. Today, I am afraid the petting might turn into a "slap them back to reality" across the face so I'd better wait until tomorrow before I start smoothing feathers!

    Good to see you today, as always.