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Friday, August 10, 2012


After being a saleswoman for an entire week now, how in the world to people who do this for a living handle REJECTION so well?

Pete is the project manager for our local Chamber of Commerce Member Directory which goes to print in December. In the meantime, he / we need to reach out to 450+ members and see if they wish to purchase any ad space in the print directory and/or online. We have reached out to approximately 1/3 of the list in the past week which is good and we have made sales which is good. But, neither of us like "selling" things (fundraisers, sales, etc...) and we both have a hard time bouncing back from a "no" (especially the ugly no as opposed a nice, but firm no thank you)

I have had to go with Pete on most of the sales visits this week which means our babies have either been with my family or with their Auntie Janice. They are doing okay, but we are starting to see some stress / anxiety from Jackson - worrying about when we will be back and wanting to go with us. When we arrived home today, he was standing on his window seat, looking out the window for us. He has just wanted to be held and carried around and tonight he asked if I could sleep in his baby bed with him. So, tomorrow, we are not doing ANYTHING unless it involves the babies.

Elliott's first tooth has FINALLY broke through after two solid months of low grade temps and excessive drooling. It's the cutest little thing I have ever seen because he breaks into his huge gummy smile and now there is a teeny white bump poking up along the bottom gum. He seems to be pretty happy about the whole outcome. Hopefully, several more will follow in quick succession.

I went in for bloodwork today. I am feeling like I do when my thyroid is not cooperating. My face and hands have been swollen for the past week and I've gained about 6 lbs this week. Running a low grade temp, feeling extremely tired, and sick to my stomach most of the time. My lab results show a little dehydration, but my TSH and Free 4 levels were in the normal range and haven't moved too much from my last test in April so I will just stick with my current dosage and try to clean up my eating to counteract the unexplained weight gain. My nutritionist advised me to only eat fruit, veggies, and fish when things get out of whack, so I will have to make myself to do that over the next few weeks.

Sometimes, it seems that if it's not one's another. ;)


  1. I don't like sales either.

    Take care of yourself. Someday I'm gonna do blood work, but I hate going to doctors - unless it is a visit with your family.

    1. I understand. It's always a visit I put off until it's necessary because I already know that my bloodwork isn't going to completely reflect what is going on. The thyroid thing is especially annoying because my numbers very slowly creep up to the high end of the normal range, but my body seems to feel the effects long before the numbers start moving. So, by the time it is evident there is a problem, I have grown progressively worse. It is getting better because I have learned so much about my own health and how to combine natural remedies, diet changes, and excercise to help things improve, but goodness.

      The lab results showed some dehydration and very teeny insignifant increase in my TH levels. So, no changes in meds or dosage amounts this time. Pete and I switched rooms so he is with Elliott at night right now and I'm trying to get a full 8 hours each night since we are so swamped with work at the moment. As soon as we wrap the directory project, I will go back to being a full time mom and hopefully, my thyroid and health will be in a better place.

      I'm rambling! I'll stop now. <3 you, Mama Lou!