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Friday, October 5, 2012

Smack In The Face

I hope that if you were to look at my life now, you would never guess that I kind of went off the rails during my college days. It's easy to gloss over that time in my life now because it's been a decade and so much has changed....but I'm watching someone I love with all my heart going through a similar derailment and last night, I laid it all on the table and shared everything that I believe the Lord has given me to share in terms of cautions, encouragement, and correction.

And now, we wait. And hope in the Lord because He is the ONLY one who can stop that train at this point. I certainly do not have a lot of hope in the person because the flesh is so weak in these times of temptation.

I love you, J. I hope you make the right decisions and don't allow your life to become swept away. You have too much to lose at this point.

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