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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Worst Afternoon Ever

Since there is a lesson to be learned in every situation, I'm not going to complain about yesterday...but I am going to say to myself, "For goodness sake, let's get this learned and get over it so we don't have to do THAT again, self!"

1. J did not nap yesterday. At all.
2. He's also teething - two at once.
3. Payday - had to swing by the office to pick up P's check since he was out of town
4. Several errands to run in the 100+ degree weather. J and I were both sweating like a couple of piggies after about 20 min.
5. Sat in line at the bank for 15 min which led to several loud protests from the backseat.
6. Race around the grocery store only to end up spending 10 min in the checkout line because my debit card wouldn't go through.
7. The check out announces (rather loudly) that I don't have any money in the bank to cover it...or that's what she thinks might be the problem.
8. Gather J and groceries, head to car (since the boy bagging my groceries did not offer to help like they usually do)
9. Unlock trunk, load groceries.
10. Attempt to shut trunk but cannot because the latch is stuck in the closed position
11. Realize that the trunk lid is too lightweight to attempt the 5 mile drive home without the possibility of having to stop several times which wasn't an option with a 9 month old in the backseat
12. Call Mom
13. Call sisters A and E
14. Call P
15. Call parents home phone
16. Call brother in law
17. Call Dad - the only one who answered his phone
18. Tell Dad what's going on, he offers to drive the 20 miles into town to pick us up and take us home
19. Call bank to ask about debit card status and get put on hold for 18 min
20. Hang up and call bank back who offers to call me back
21. Put J in front seat and crank a/c all the way to full blast
22. Brother in law calls back, offers to come to rescue
23. Mother and brother show up (Dad sent them)
24. Move all groceries and J over to Mom's car
25. Brother in law arrives with tools and manages to get trunk lock pried open so trunk will close
26. Thank everyone, leave J and groceries with Mom, drive to bank
27. Arrive at bank, wait in line
28. FINALLY get to speak to someone only to determine that all is well, funds are in the account
29. Drive home
30. Mom arrives with J as I am attempting to unlock front door
31. Realize rather belatedly that using the front door key to try to pry the trunk lock open was a bad idea
32. Mom offers to go in through the dog door
33. Trying hard not to laugh
34. Mom realizes that her shoulders won't fit through
35. Mom also realizes that the extra key to my house is in sister A's car and she is at least 20 miles away
36. Realize that J and groceries have been in the heat almost 2 hours at this point
37. Decide to break back door pane and unlock back door
38. Mom insists on doing it
39. Mom comes back about 3 min later and states that the glass is tempered and she can't get it to budge
40. Mom proceeds to search her car AGAIN (4th time) for an extra key
41. Take screwdriver, march to back door, and smash pane for all it's worth
42. Glass shatters
43. Cut index finger and wrist
44. Unlock back door
45. Wrap finger in paper towels
46. Let Mom and J in the house
47. Put away groceries
48. Clean up broken glass
49. Cancel longstanding dinner plans with friends
50. Await husband's return

All is well that ends well. J fell asleep at 8pm (an hour ahead of schedule). I think I'm going to have an awesome scar on my index finger. And P wasn't upset about anything. BUT, what I realized, at each point along the way is that all of my busy-ness is detracting from my job. I'm not giving my job 100% and I really need to focus my energies and attention on making sure all the house related tasks are in good standing before I throw so much of my energy into running around, serving on committees, helping Mom with her projects, etc... so that's what I'm doing. Granted, I'm only one day back into my routine, but it's been a very smooth day and baby J has napped like a champ. I'm willing to trade in some of my busy things if it means things are peaceable "on the job."


  1. That could have been a Toby day. Remind me not to take the two of you together some where.

  2. WOW! I can only sympathize with you. While I've encountered all the problems on your list, THANKFULLY, it was not all on the same day. Glad there were only minor injuries. Thanks for sharing your day...very entertaining! Peace!!